A Quick Trip to Nha Trang

The last time I wrote anything for my blog was just before I left for Nha Trang, Vietnam. The journey to Nha Trang was at night so there wasn’t much to see, I was exhausted anyway from the SEALNet project. When we arrived in Nha Trang, we checked into a hotel for only US$7/night and slept for about six hours until noon. Then, we woke up, put on our beach gear and headed out to the waves. the beach was nice, but the sun bright and the day hot.

Later, we booked a dive for the next day, wandered around Nha Trang, ate some really good fried dough things, nuoc mia (sugar cane juice), eventually dinner, then headed back to the hotel.

Next morning, woke up early, went to go diving and found that the entire dive boat was for us just by luck! The only others on the dive boat were people who worked for the dive company and were doing their final divemaster tests. Our divemaster was a really nice guy from Malaysia. Took some awesome pics underwater (and a little video too) with my camera’s new waterproof casing. Made two dives and saw quite a lot including jellyfish and impressive coral (though the water was slightly murky that day). Back on dry land, we wandered Nha Trang a little more. The next morning, we headed back to Ho Chi Minh City. Stopped in Mui Ne for lunch (though didn’t have enough time to see anything).

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