Each of us has our own way of playing. My hobbies include hiking, backpacking, running, scuba diving, reading, exploring, writing, tinkering with computers and electronics, and visiting friends. My biggest hobby is wandering, which means I go where the road takes me, sometimes to big tourist destinations, but often far off the beaten path. I shy away from pre-packaged group experiences and tend to go forth with my own schedule, plan, and very little in terms of expectations.

I love the great outdoors and bring out in the open. Some of my favorite activities are backpacking and mountain running. I have hiked and backpacked all over the mountains of Colorado and I have completed the Pikes Peak Ascent three times as well as many other races. In 2007, I got dive certified in Hawai’i along with my sister. I’ve been lucky enough to go scuba diving at Kona (Hawai’i), Nha Trang (Vietnam), Pulau Redang (Malaysia), Palau, Southern Leyte (Philippines), and Aitutaki (Cook Islands).

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