I think that it is important to share what I have with the world. I think it is important to help others who are in need. I have always been interested in finding a way to help those who do not have as many resources or as many opportunities. I am hopeful enough to believe that by helping people to secure a future for themselves and their countries, we can give more opportunities to those who need them. Giving opportunities for greater education, health, or other benefits in a society will help that society to push forward and eventually help more of its members. I am also realistic enough to realize that a lot of what needs to be changed for greater world prosperity needs to come from governments, both rich and poor. Governments have the resources and responsibilities to provide much more than they do right now.

For the last two years, I have worked with SEALNet, the Southeast Asian Service Leadership Network. SEALNet operates projects every summer in Southeast Asia which bring both direct community service and leadership skills to Southeast Asian youth. Click here to learn more about SEALNet.