I studied at Stanford University in the San Francisco Bay Area of California, majoring in International Relations and minoring in Environmental Engineering. My academic path through Stanford was unconventional to say the least. I started my freshman year as a Physics major in SLE (Structured Liberal Education), an intensive residential-based humanities core. I decided to switch to International Relations during my freshman year. At the end of my sophomore year, I took off a year to live in and explore Southeast Asia. I returned to Stanford in Paris in the fall of 2008. While in Paris, I became very interested in Environmental Economics and the integration of Environmental Science into the Economy and Policy. This is what I spent my final year and a half at Stanford studying.

Before Stanford, I went to Douglas County High School in Castle Rock, Colorado. You can learn more about my time in high school (warning, old site).

Spring 2010
Civil and Environmental Engineering 215Goals and Methods of Sustainable Building ProjectsHaymaker3.00
Civil and Environmental Engineering 299SIndependent Project in Civil and Environmental EngineeringLepech3.00
Chinese Language 8Beginning Conversational Chinese, Third QuarterRozelle2.00
Computer Science 178Digital PhotographyLevoy5.00
East Asian Studies 191Journal of East Asian Studies1.00
Management Science & Engineering 243Energy and Environmental Policy AnalysisSweeney3.00
Winter 2010
Civil and Environmental Engineering 64Air Pollution: From Urban Smog to Global ChangeJacobson3.00
Civil and Environmental Engineering 142ANegotiating Sustainable DevelopmentChristensen3.00
Civil and Environmental Engineering 171Environmental Planning MethodsOrtolano3.00
Chinese Language 7Beginning Conversational Chinese, Second QuarterRozelle2.00
Classics General 123Urban Sustainability: Long-Term Archaeological PerspectivesShanks3.00
Economics 155Environmental Economics and PolicyKerr5.00
Environmental Earth Systems Science 141Remote Sensing of the OceansArrigo3.00
Autumn 2009
Biology 101EcologyDirzo, Vitousek3.00
Civil and Environmental Engineering 226Life Cycle Assessment for Complex SystemsLepech3.00
Chinese Language 6Beginning Conversational Chinese, Second QuarterRozelle2.00
Earth Systems 148Copenhagen Climate Protocol: Interpreting the ChaosRoot, Schneider2.00
Economics 51Economic Analysis IIClerici-Arias5.00
Political Science 118PU.S. Relations in IranMilani5.00
Overseas Studies Programs General 42How to Build a Habitable Planet: An Example from the European AlpsChamberlain2.00
Spring 2009
Civil and Environmental Engineering 176BElectric Power: Renewables and EfficiencyMasters4.00
Earth Systems 102Renewable Energy Sources and Greener Energy ProcessesGerritsen, Kovscek3.00
Economics 50Economic Analysis ITendall5.00
Environmental Earth Systems Science 155Science of SoilsFendorf4.00
Environmental Earth Systems Science 234Stable Isotopes in BiogeochemistryChamberlain3.00
International Relations 54SIThe Taste of Thailand: Introduction to Thai Culture and HistoryEmmerson1.00
Winter 2009
East Asian Studies 185CEconomic Development of Greater China: Past, Present, and FutureRozelle5.00
East Asian Studies 191Stanford Journal of East Asian Affairs1.00
Economics 102AIntroduction to Statistical Methods (Postcalculus) for Social ScientistsSteiner5.00
Environmental Earth System Science 2Earth System HistoryChamberlain3.00
Environmental Earth System Science 161Statistical Methods for the Earth and Environmental Sciences: GeostatisticsBoucher4.00
Autumn 2008
Overseas Studies Programs Paris 23PIntermediate French IIMercier4.00
Overseas Studies Programs Paris 24Introduction to French SocietyHalévi, Molkou1.00
Overseas Studies Programs Paris 103AFrench Lecture Series 1Halévi1.00
Overseas Studies Programs Paris 124XBuilding the European EconomyLaurent, le Cacheux5.00
Overseas Studies Programs Paris 211XPolitical Attitudes and Beahvior in Contemporary FranceMuxel, Strudel5.00
Spring 2007
East Asian Studies 191Stanford Journal of East Asian Affairs1.00
French Language 22Second Year French, Part ADozer4.00
History 102History of the International SystemSheehan5.00
International Relations 140CThe US, UN Peacekeeping, and Humanitarian WarPatenaude5.00
Winter 2007
French Language 5BIntensive First Year FrenchHoward5.00
History 158US History Since 1945Bernstein5.00
History 197Southeast Asia: From Antiquity to the Modern EraLewis5.00
Science, Technology, and Society 110Ethics and Public PolicyMcGinn5.00
Autumn 2006
Computer Science 106AProgramming MethodologyYoung5.00
French Language 5AIntensive First Year FrenchHoward5.00
Management Science and Engineering 193Technology and National SecurityPerry, Hecker3.00
Political Science 1Introduction to International RelationsSchultz5.00
Spring 2006
Economics 1Elementary EconomicsStimel5.00
Political Science 111DBritish PoliticsDorfman5.00
Structured Liberal Education 93Structured Liberal EducationGreenberg, Mancall10.00
Winter 2006
Math 52Multivariable Integral CalculusPapikian5.00
Physics 63Electricity, Magnetism, and WavesAllen5.00
Physics 64Advanced Electromagnetism LaboratoryRomine1.00
Structured Liberal Education 92Structured Liberal EducationGreenberg, Mancall9.00
Autumn 2005
Math 51Linear Algebra and Multivariable CalculusBrubaker5.00
Physics 59Current Research TopicsTucker1.00
Physics 61Mechanics and Special RelativitySusskind4.00
Structured Liberal Education 91Structured Liberal EducationGreenberg, Mancall9.00