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Cross Country and Track

I started out at Larkspur Elementary School. Back in those days, we were known as the Larkspur Longhorns and our motto was "Think You Can, Work Hard, Get Smart." Today, the motto is "We're Heading True North" and they are the Larkspur Bobcats. I don't know where they are all headed, because there's not much to the true north of Larkspur. I also don't like the new mascot, longhorn cattle used to live across the street from my house and I've never actually encountered a bobcat anywhere outside of a zoo. I attended LES from August 1992 to May 1999.

After Larkspur, I went to Castle Rock Middle School for seventh and eighth grade. The middle school mascot was "Blue Knights," though I didn't participate in any activities or ever become that attached to the idea of middle school. My middle school years were quite good academically but were socially a disaster. I had some really amazing teachers in middle school and learned tons. During middle school, I had essentially no friends. I was for one thing too unfriendly and for another, refused to participate in the clickish culture during middle school. Luckily, it was only two years. I attended CRMS from August 1999 to May 2001.

After completing eighth grade, I left for high school. From the beginning of high school, I participated, at first by my parents' pressuring, and later by my own choice, in cross country. Through cross country and speech and debate, I got to know many more people. I also had a lot of amazing teachers in high school. After four years of classes and activities, I was quite ready to leave at the end. I graduated second in a class of 507. I was at Douglas County from August 2001 to May 2005. Follow the links below to learn more about me in high school.

Forensics (Speech/Debate)

Cross Country/Track



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