I believe that Puff is a girl because of the average length of male and female iguanas at certain ages but I don't know for sure. My Iguana's name is Puff after the song "Puff the Magic Dragon." She is a Green Iguana and approximately three feet long. Her favorite food is dandelion leaves, grapes, and bananas. Even though Puff like grapes and bananas I can't give her too many or her bones will get weak. At first when I had her I had read books on iguanas and I never saw a warning about calcium deficiency (caused by feeding iguanas to much of the foods they like and not enough calcium). She got calcium deficiency and so now to protect against it I give her calcium supplements. If you look into her mouth you wouldn't think that she could hurt you that much but believe me she can.

Puff Eating his Favorite Food