White Nose & Greg & Biggie & Bob

Greg and White Nose are both common goldfish. One of them is female because the baby pond fish that we found in the pond look more like goldfish than like Koi. White Nose used to have a white nose but then about half of his body turned whitish. Biggie and Bob are Koi, as you can probably guess Biggie is the biggest fish. Biggie is probably about 1.5 times larger than Bob who is about 1.5 times larger than the goldfish. During the winter the top of the pond freezes over and the fish stay at the bottom of the pond and go into a type of hibernation. We've had them for about six or seven years.

Biggie is the larger orange fish, Greg is the other orange fish near the top, and White Nose is farther below the surface of the pond. This is during feeding time so you can see food floating on the top of the water.

This is Bob.